Other Projects

The SLPA has a history of being a part of the larger eco and social system in the Iowa Great Lakes going back to its inception as an organization. The early coordination efforts were often with the Iowa Conservation Commission, currently the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. But as more organizations have grown, SLPA has kept abreast of these and developed cooperative relationships with new groups.

Affiliate Groups

  • Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation
  • Iowa Great Lakes Association
  • Iowa Great Lakes Chamber of Commerce
  • Okoboji Protective Association
  • East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation
  • City of Orleans
  • Little Spirit Association
  • Templar Park Association
  • Shores Acres Association
  • Iowa Lakeside Lab and the Friends of Iowa Lakeside Lab
  • Water Safety Council
  • Pheasants Forever
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Clean Water Alliance
  • Iowa Great Lakes Trails

New Project Groups

In 2019, the SLPA decided to embark on some additional projects that would have interest to specific groups within the drainage keeping “Quality of Water, Quality of Life” in mind.  A meeting of various groups resulted in new working groups on the following topics:

  • Little Spirit Septic issues
  • Loon Lake Water quality
  • Shore Acres and the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation (INHF) land
  • Templar Park stair renovation and dock enhancement

Safety Buoys

The SLPA is instrumental in the management of the buoy system on Big Spirit Lake. Buoys provide for safe boating and water use for all participants.  The SLPA pays for buoy replacement, repair, removal and location monitoring.

In addition to these areas, if you are interested in joining us for other projects, please go to our volunteer page.