Featured Projects

Docks & Access Points

Public docks create access for all users on Big Spirit Lake.  The SLPA works to create, maintain and enhance docks and other access points for boaters as well as winter visitors.


As the crown jewel of the Work Projects Administration buildings on Big Spirit Lake, the SLPA was instrumental in saving and remodeling the lodge at Mini-Wakan State Park.

Water Quality

As a part of the “Quality of Water” goal, the SLPA participates in efforts to assess water quality and reduce excess nutrients and runoff into Big Spirit Lake.


The July 3rd fireworks display over Big Spirit Lake is the largest yearly expenditure for the SLPA and results in ongoing fundraising efforts.

Bulrush Preservation

Along the shoreline in Anglers Bay grows the largest, best quality stand of bulrushes to thrive in the Iowa Great Lakes.

Other Projects

In addition to the major projects, The SLPA participates in several smaller projects that contribute to quality of water and quality of life.